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pygdbmi release history


Internal changes

  • Update and freeze dependencies for documentation generation

  • Fixed a bug where notifications without a payload were not recognized as such

  • Strings containing escapes are now unescaped, both for messages in error records, which were previously mangled (#57), and textual records, which were previously left escaped (#58)
  • Dropped support for Python 3.6 and added explicit support for Python 3.9 and 3.10.

  • Fix bug with time_to_check_for_additional_output_sec, as it was not being used when passed to GdbController

Breaking Changes

  • Drop support for Python 3.5
  • Update GdbController() API. New API is GdbController(command: Optional[List[str]], time_to_check_for_additional_output_sec: Optional[int]).
  • GdbController.verify_valid_gdb_subprocess() was removed
  • Remove NoGdbProcessError error

Other Changes

  • Add new IoManager class to handle more generic use-cases
  • [dev] use pytest for testing
  • gdb mi parsing remains unchanged

  • Drop support for 2.7, 3.4
  • Add support for 3.7, 3.8
  • Add py.typed file so mypy can enforce type hints on pygdbmi
  • Do not log in StringStream (#36)
  • Updates to build and CI tests (use nox)
  • Use mkdocs and mkdocstrings
  • Doc updates

  • More doc updates

  • Update docs

  • Stop buffering output
  • Use logger in GdbController; modify verbose arguments.
  • Remove support for Python 3.3

  • Add method get_subprocess_cmd to view the gdb command run in the shell

  • Improve reading gdb responses on unix (performance, bugfix) (@mouuff)

  • Discard unexpected text from gdb

  • Add native Windows support

  • Make parsing more efficient when gdb outputs large strings
  • Add new methods to GdbController class: spawn_new_gdb_subprocess, send_signal_to_gdb, and interrupt_gdb

  • Update

  • Fix windows ctypes import (#23, @rudolfwalter)

  • Workaround gdb bug with repeated dictionary keys

  • Improved buffering of incomplete gdb mi output (@trapito)
  • Remove support of Python 3.2

  • Preserve leading and trailing spaces in gdb/mi output (plus unit tests)
  • Add unit test for buffering of gdb/mi output
  • Documentation updates
  • Refactoring

  • Add more exception types (NoGdbProcessError, GdbTimeoutError)
  • Add logic fixes for Windows (@johncf)
  • Use to open the readme.rst, to prevent locale related bugs (@mariusmue)

  • Add alternate pipe implementation for Windows

  • Replace epoll with select for osx compatibility (@felipesere)

  • Fix README

  • Add support for gdb/mi (optional) tokens (@mariusmue)